Work & Life in Balance.

The Häring team, which encompasses approximately 3,800 dedicated employees, is what makes Häring special. The diversity, the many perspectives, experiences and areas of expertise – all that reflects the globalized economy and the many customers demands we encounter on a daily basis. That is why Häring focuses on people. It makes sense that no two career paths are the same. We provide you with the opportunity to give your ideas and individuality free reign, to pursue your goals and to find your own path. 

In addition, to fostering well-being and ensuring the satisfaction of our employees, we offer them access to many programs that guarantee a positive work-life balance. And because we are always open to suggestions, we will gladly change the working environment further to accommodate our employees. 


You want to climb the career ladder rung by rung? You want to make your mark at Häring? You want to shape the future with us? Then you have understood the Häring company philosophy: "Think it. Believe it. Achieve it." – because where there is a will, there always is a way.

You will find that Häring is an employer who will provide you with personal support and who wants to assist you as you make your own way – professionally and personally. It is up to you whether that means becoming a department head, pursuing a degree parallel to work, or participating in an exchange program at a location in another country. You are the one who can best define your goals and we are the ones who can help you achieve them.


Germany branch

Bubsheim (State of Baden-Württemberg)

  • Headquarters
  • Founding year: 1961
  • Production area: 23,000 sq m
  • Development and production
  • Initial and further training in the inhouse academy
  • Company restaurant ANTONIS

Poland branch

Piotrków Trybunalski (south of Łódź)

  • Founding year: 2001
  • Production area: 72,000 sq m
  • Development and production
  • Initial and further training in the inhouse academy
  • Company restaurant ANTONIS

China branch

Taicang (Jiangsu province, northwest of Shanghai)

  • Founding year: 2009
  • Production area: 19,000 sq m, a total building area of 100,000 sq m.
  • Initial and further training in the inhouse academy
  • Company restaurant ANTONIS

USA branch

Lavonia (Georgia)

  • Founding year: 2016
  • Production area: 15,000 sq m, plot approx. 150,000 sq m
  • Dual course of study on site.
  • Company restaurant ANTONIS

Tunisia Branch


  • Founding year: 2019
  • In 2020, they moved into the 130 sq m office space
  • AI-location
  • Specialization in the topics of digitization and industry 4.0
  • Induction of the first Tunisian employees already started in Germany in August 2016.
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Your health allows you to live – and work – with a spring in your step. We will gladly offer you a job you can keep for a long time and we want to support you in beginning and ending each day in a way that is healthy. 

As a result of a busy work routine, we often tend to neglect the things on our to do list that are good for our personal well-being. At Häring, we make sure that you and your health are not given the short shrift. Together with nutrition experts, balanced meals in the company restaurant ANTONIS, attractive in-house wellness offers and athletic activities as a team (e.g. the annual participation in running events for a good cause), we are offering a carefully designed total package. 


At Häring, you can keep developing, contribute your know-how and shape the future – worldwide. With four locations on three continents you can decide where you want to achieve your goals in the short term and the long run.

- Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Häring, owner and CEO