"When you graduate, everybody tells you that you can do whatever you want. But at Häring that's actually true."



Fabian began his dual course of study to earn a Bachelor of Engineering at Häring on October 1, 2011. He was sure of one thing: He wanted to keep going after graduation. Following a conversation with Dr. Jürgen Häring he was certain what the next step would be: A Master's degree. As part of his master thesis, he established Häring's Project Purchasing department. With a Master's degree in his pocket, he became the first employee of that department. Today he runs it. The next step on his career path is coming up: Concurrently to his work, Fabian is also on track to receive a PhD. By the way, that's also a first for Häring ...


Administration/Project Purchasing

Current field of work

Group manager

Current position

Part of the Anton Häring KG

Great teamwork

"We all have one goal – which is the project that we are working on together. We are all pulling in the same direction. What we are achieving is unique and, to me, it is a mark of quality that stands out from other global corporations."

My job from A to Z

Project Purchasing is the interface of an interface. I am dealing a lot with project management, I provide support to the Purchasing department and serve as a point of contact for all technical departments. Finally, I purchase everything from A to Z: Tools, materials, coatings, ..."

I have responsibility

"A lot of people think the Purchasing department just tries to keep prices low. That's false. It is much more important to build long-term partnerships. This means that I want to get people to help me with this project ... and then the next one and the one after that. That is truly helpful. And that is my area of responsibility."

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Fabian maintains contacts to suppliers across the globe and, depending on the project, he works very closely with our international branches. 

15 truckloads of raw materials

... are unloaded each day in Bubsheim. Materials that Fabian organized and ordered. What is something he did not know initially? Sometimes you don't have to look far to get the best quality. "Many major suppliers are just around the corner. I grew up here and still did not grasp the extraordinary situation here. Experiencing this regional character in an international corporation is simply fantastic."

Close, closer, family business

"The dynamic and the familiar character here at Häring are unique. I mean, here you'll see the CEO walk through the building and when you have an issue that you want to discuss then you can simply talk to him about it. Mr. Häring just took some time to speak with me and discussed the topic in-depth – this direct communication channel has made this career path possible in the first place."

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