Why are the young professionals from Häring routinely among the best in their area of expertise? The answer is the Häring academies. They are at the heart of our initial and further training. They are equipped with:

  • state-of-the-art workstations
  • the latest technologies
  • qualified instructors

It's how we create the perfect conditions for a great training and – thanks to lots of practical relevance – a perfect start to a professional career.

Häring academies worldwide


Location: Bubsheim

Apprentices: 156

Year of construction2005
2017: Expansion and doubling of the training area


Additional information

  • The largest academy with an area of 3,157 sq m across three floors
  • Many training rooms, creative spaces, machine rooms
  • Pier 1: The innovation lab in which apprentices and students can independently develop and test new processes and technologies and turn them into prototypes.


LocationPiotrków Trybunalski

Apprentices: 81

Year of construction2009


Additional information

  • The academy has the status of a school.
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art machines and teaching materials, apprentices will learn more and get more practical experience than in comparable institutions of higher learning.



Apprentices: 122

Year of construction: 2013


Additional information

  • The academy works closely with the vocational school in Taicang.
  • All former graduates now work for Häring.
  • The top students of each year get the chance for advanced training in Bubsheim.


LocationLavonia (Georgia)

Apprentices: 5

  • In 2020, we started the apprenticeship at our location in Lavonia.
  • The dual training is based, as at all Häring locations, on a combination of theory at the vocational school and practice in the Häring Academy and the production departments.


There are Häring academies at 4 locations: Thanks to an identical setup and concept, our next generation of employees is perfectly prepared for their international work.

All-round approach

Häring has spent a lot of time and effort on finding out what constitutes good training and which conditions are important – and then we implemented what we learned.

Team spirit

Apprentices and students are an integral part of Häring: They are members of the team, exchange information across borders and celebrate successes together.


Events and training sessions on the topics of "Technology" and "IT" are held on a regular basis in the many training rooms of the academies.

High-tech machinery

In order to meet the highest demands, we need the best machines with state-of-the-art production technology – and that's precisely what we are working on in our academies.

Practical relevance

At Häring, learning means: Combining theory and practice. Because new solutions for the future of mobility won't just be found in a textbook. 


At our academies, former professional teachers and top instructors convey their expertise, which also includes providing valuable real-life tips.

Project work

Young professionals can actively participate at Häring and are given free reign to their creativity. Because only those people can develop new products and technologies to whom all options are available.


Häring maintains close contacts to schools, universities and partners from the world of business. That makes our academies one of the world's more attractive places for training and continued education.

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