Out of the lecture hall and into the project

After many lectures in the auditorium, it's now time for a change of scenery: Your practical semester, which you complete in our company in the form of an internship. Our tip: Get as much practical experience as possible during this semester – it'll give you a competitive advantage. That is why we always ensure that your time with us is properly invested. During this semester, you will not only learn the processes of a family business that is successful across the globe but you will also manage a project. The entire time, an expert in your field will be by your side as an advisor. And the most important part: You are opening doors and building relationships that will benefit you throughout your career. An internship can also be your first step toward getting a job with us.


Be dedicated.

As part of the Häring team, you should have the ambition of making the most out of your practical experience. You will have all technological and personal options of doing so.

Be informed.

The subject matter of your course of study should obviously be a fit for Häring – regardless of whether it is a commercial or technical field. Particularly interesting to us are students who focus on subjects that we do not offer as part of a dual course of study.

Be on time.

We should receive all of your application materials in a timely manner ahead of your practical semester.

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